Who We Are

In Hawai’i, ‘ohana refers to your family-nuclear, extended and non-blood relatives alike. ‘Ohana encompasses your social and natural support systems- friends, neighbors, co-workers. ‘Ohana is YOUR community, YOUR tribe. ‘Ohana is rooted in compassion and inclusion where no one is forgotten or left behind.

Our goal is simple- to enhance the quality of life of each individual we serve by implementing the value of ‘ohana into our person-centered approach. Whether helping individuals foster meaningful and lasting connections in our community-based services or promoting independence and self-advocacy through employment, ‘Ohana supportive services is dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve their goals.

‘Ohana Supportive Services is a locally owned and managed Program Approved Service Agency (PASA) offering Residential, Employment and In-Home Support services. Our highly skilled team of professionals bring over 25 years of experience in advocacy, special education and social work combined with 30 years of service in Mesa County.